The Diary

A week in the life… So I’ve decided to keep a diary of all that I eat to give you an idea of what I’m having. It would be great to hear your thoughts or suggestions, and maybe compare notes. I’m really not very good at doing this as I tried in the past, but […]

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The stamina

Maintaining an ongoing routine is difficult. Strength of will is easier for me when it is a one-shot thing i.e. needing to push to the front of the queue – something I will summon the strength of will to do. However, maintaining ongoing willpower is much harder. I’d like to think it’s just something some […]

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The Hardest Part

Okay, and now for probably the hardest thing I’m going to post on here. Frankly I’d rather discuss the Bristol stool chart and my bowel management routine then admit what am about to say. However, it’s about a weight loss journey, and for that it’s good to know where we’re starting. 92 kg. That’s where […]

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Human Fuel

Food is fuel. Your body needs it and you are intrinsically hardwired to derive a level of satisfaction from it. These two things are woven together so tightly that most of the time eating is a pleasure for the majority of people. It’s a basic human need, that has become one of the highest artforms […]

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The History

Being tetraplegic has many, many drawbacks. I’m not about to go into loads of detail about that but I will state this: You don’t need the same amount of calories as everyone else around you. I need enough ‘fuel’ to power my inner organs, digestion, brain etc (all the inner workings of my body) and […]

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The Arrival

Well I have officially become a ‘Hueler’. I first heard about Huel on a Facebook forum for people with spinal cord injuries. A gentleman there had been using it and had lost 10 kg. This immediately piqued my interest and I began researching what it was. So what is Huel? “Huel is a nutritionally complete […]

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The Beginning

So welcome to yet another website on weight loss. If you’re here to try and find answers for your own journey I really don’t know if you will find any – this is my journey. We pick up my story way down the line, as I approach my 40th birthday (only six months and 20 […]

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